«ЭТНОМИР» стал стратегическим партнером Московского международного салона образования

This year ETNOMIR Cultural and Educational Center expands its participation in the MIEF: the company organizes a large-scale exhibition at the MIEF and plans a series of events under the Business Program.

ETNOMIR Cultural and Educational Center in the Kaluga Region has organized educational programs for children and students from Russia and worldwide over 10 years. The educational model of ethno-park is a program of supplementary education for pupils, children, and youth camps, practical training for students, advanced training programs for young professionals, international educational conferences and trainings.

The Center sees its objectives of the development of modern education ecosystem in the establishment of new intercultural connections and bringing up ethnic tolerance. “The strategic partnership between the MIEF and ETNOMIR expands cooperation and experience exchange between educational communities, state structures, businessmen, parents and students both in Russia and worldwide”, – said Ruslan Bairamov, the Center Manager.

The exhibition space of ETNOMIR at the MIEF will be divided into several areas. In the consulting area parents will learn what educational opportunities for family recreation are offered by the Center. In the supplementary education area the Center will present educational programs for pupils and students: themed tours, art and craft master classes, student practical trainings.

Representatives of educational institutions will learn what professional opportunities are offered by ETNOMIR to schools and universities: educational programs, summer and youth camps, offers for graduates, conferences for teachers, business schools, trainings, programs for volunteers and students.

At the MIEF ETNOMIR the ETNOMIR School will also present its new project. The School will open in 2018. Visitors will get information about the process of education and educational program, interactive approach to lessons, unique techniques for training and development of future pupils.