Региональные практики станут одной из главных тем Салона в следующем году

The MIEF 2018 will bring a focus on the regional educators’ experience, said Maksim Kazarnovsky, Head of MIEF Executive Directorate. Natalia Chebotar, Supervisor of the Expert Board, and Aleksandr Kondakov, Supervisor of the “Digital Education: the Matrix of Possibilities” Special Project, Head of Mobile Educational Systems Institute, in a live broadcast of Foxford online school. They have also summarized the results of the MIEF 2017.

“The Fair has become the major event in Russian education sector,” said Maksim Kazarnovsky. He also added that 56.500 people from 84 Russian regions had visited the event. Kazarnovsky believes that the combination of professional and state agenda has proved to be a big step forward. As a result, state representatives were actively involved in the Fair’s business events. This year, the Fair was held under the auspices of UNESCO. During the event, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva met with international colleagues.

“In 2014, it felt like the Fair was an exhibition of national achievements in education; now it has turned into a place of opportunities. Russian up-to-date education sector is being developed, and lots of new practices have emerged,” said Aleksanr Kondakov.

In the live broadcast, he invited educators to define interesting topics for the MIEF 2018. The teachers suggested equipment and development of infoculture at schools, the development of children’s Internet identity, and social networks as a space for communication.

“We are looking for new topliners of education, and we are happy when we see regional professionals becoming leaders for others,” said Natalia Chebotar. “If you manage some regional community and you have questions, please feel free to offer them at”

Maksim Kazarnovskiy underlined that the MIEF 2018 is waiting for regional specialists and planning to devote a special day to regional practices. Furthermore, a contest called “The Future Image of Russian Education” organized by Foxford and MIEF will take place next year. The MIEF 2018 is scheduled for April 18-21, 2018.

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