Russia Takes Part in the European Education Fair 2017

Russia is presenting the Days of Russian Education project organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the European Education Fair opened today. The goal of the project is to promote Russian education and Russian language worldwide.

The Russian delegation aims to introduce educational opportunities of Russia to the participants of the Fair, to establish direct contacts between Russian educational organizations and European partners, and to promote Russian educational products and Russian language learning programs. The All-Russian Center of Arts and Creativity and the Moscow International Education Fair Executive Directorate manage Russian delegation’s work.

“One of the key trends of modern education is internationalization, going beyond the narrow boundaries of one country or one system,” says Oksana Goncharova, Head of the All-Russian Artistic Creativity Center. “Today, all the more people are trying to gain their knowledge from educators of different countries, different cultures, and different educational systems. In this context, Russian educational organizations and projects with their unique academic background and experience can take their rightful place on the global education market.”

The Fair is meant to become a platform for open communication between professional educators from different countries. Alongside with lectures, master classes, and events, the Fair’s program offers wide opportunities for professional communication and sharing experience between educators, business representatives, producers of educational products, and state agents in charge of education projects.

“The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Paris has been working under the auspices of the Russian Cultural and Spiritual Orthodox Center for a year now,” says Margarita Rusetskaya, Head of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. “Since the very beginning, our challenge was to offer high-quality specialized Russian language courses for bilingual children, with one of the parents being a Russian native speaker, who find it difficult to keep the language in a foreign-language environment without professional help. This year, we have also offered practical courses of Russian as a foreign language for adults. During the Fair, we will introduce these programs to the visitors, while our educators will teach two open lessons of Russian language for those who have already started to learn Russian or are going take a course.”

The global promotion of Russian language and culture, and the specific aspects of Russian education process have become the key subjects of Russian exposition. The list of events includes discussions and presentations of the main Russian e-learning resources, as well as the best practices, programs, and guidelines, including those created as part of the Russian Language Federal Target Program for 2016-2020. The events are designed for Russian-speaking parents who want their children to keep Russian language and stay connected to Russian culture, as well as for Russian language teachers, and students who are interested in learning Russian language and Russian culture.

“France has been and still remains a country that shows great interest and respect for Russian culture. In Paris alone, there are more than 10 Russian schools where not only Russian-born families, but also French students learn Russian language. We tried our best to consult their interests when developing the program for our exposition,” said Valery Belgorodsky, President of Kosygin Russian State University.

Earlier this year, the Days of Russian Education organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation took place in Great Britain. On January 25-28, 2017, the Moscow International Education Fair organized Russian Exposition at London Bett Show, the European industry show of the year in the education technology landscape. The Russian collective exposition involved representatives of major producers of educational technologies. The list of events included short presentations and discussions devoted to new solutions and best practices of present-day Russian education, as well Russian market opportunities for international partners.

The 19th European Education Fair 2017 is the largest education fair in Europe. The diversity of the Fair’s program and participants attracts both professionals and dozens of thousands of average citizens. The total number of visitors exceeds 200,000 people. In 2017, the European Education Fair takes place in Paris, on November 17-19.

Co-organizers of the Days of Russian Education: Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Kosygin Russian State University.