Education today is one of the fastest growing industries which set current requirements to all the participants.
The development of cities and communities, new industries and jobs, growing number of private providers of educational solutions, development and implementation of technology led to the formation of new connections between all participants in the educational process.
A new ecosystem made up is the result of cooperation between educational institutions, businesses, students and government.

In 2017 Moscow International Education Fair will be a map of the educational sector with individual navigation for all participants.

The Fair program is created with regard to the interests of professional communities and groups involved in the educational process, so a new approach to the formation of the MIEF program provides the creation of topic units and individual navigation routes for representatives of each professional community.

This means that the representatives of each group will be able to read a specific list of thematic activities in the program of the Fair relevant to their professional interests, and the participation in such events will be important and useful for them.

Participants in the discussion will be looking for an answer to the question of how collaboration between educational institutions, businesses, government, noncommercial organizations, parent community, teachers and students should be built.

Program Directorate

Maxim Kazarnovsky

Program Producer

Natalia Chebotar

Advisory Board Curator

Natalya Andreeva

Program Curator

Natalya Dvoretskaya

Program Curator

Maxim Osowski

Program Curator

Oxana Goncharova

Curator Program Ministry of Education and Science

Alexandr Ezdov

Curator Program of Special Project “Teachers Advanced Training” and cluster “Special Education Needs”

Yuri Eelmaa

Curator of Special Project “Fifth Quarter”

Tatiana Raitina

Curator of Special Project “International Education”

Elena Lopatina

Producer of Special Project “Vocational Guidance”

Nina Dobrynchenko-Matousevitch

Curator of Special Project ``Education for the Whole Family``