Анонс 5-го Московского международного салона образования

27 February 2018

On April 18-21, 2018, the 5th Moscow International Education Fair will take place in Moscow. It is the major event of the Russian educational sector, an open forum, and the largest exhibition of new educational technologies, as well as infrastructural and intelligent solutions. 

The New Educational Ecosystem is the key topic of the MIEF 2018. Last year, the Fair gathered a large picture of the whole educational ecosystem and the interactions between its participants. In 2018, the MIEF primarily serves as a platform for studying the diverse image of the future of education — it is a massive research of educational trends and a forecast of how new technologies and new social environment will impact education.

This year, the business program and the exhibition space of the Fair are divided into 7 clusters: State Policy, Preschool Education, Secondary Education, Vocational Secondary Education, Higher Education, Supplementary Education, Special Education Needs.

“Today, Russia stakes on education as on the undeniable competitive advantage, and consistently moves upwards in the world’s educational ratings. In order to move further, Russia needs new technologies and infrastructural solutions, as well as fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences. The Moscow International Education Fair, with its massive exhibition and extensive business program, helps achieve these key goals,” says Olga Golodets, Chairperson of the Fair’s Organizing Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

For the first time, the Fair will see the Municipal Education Authorities Forum, where heads of Russian municipal education bodies will discuss priority issues of local education development. The topics will cover social and cultural adaptation of migrants; integration of children with special needs, and transformation strategies for municipal education.

The Fair’s exposition space boasts 25,000 sq.m. The list of key exhibitors includes Russian and international education organizations, major employers, producers of educational and technical equipment and software, and service providers in education. Besides extensive business program and massive exposition, the MIEF 2018 will present a number of special projects: Advanced Training, Career Guidance, Family Education, Creative Thinking, Startup Avenue, Lifelong Learning, etc.

This year, the MIEF is also launching the pilot program “New Approaches to Education Management”. The program’s accredited participants will discuss the changes that schools need to implement in order to work efficiently, as well as methods and approaches to be borrowed from business. The program consists of 8 interconnected blocks that cover a wide range of topics, from how to prevent employees’ burning-out and create a strong team, to developing strategies for growth and creating loyal school community.

Altogether, the MIEF will host around 1,000 events.

The list of the MIEF participants will include representatives of 85 regions of Russia and international community, the leading Russian and international education and scientific institutions, representatives of federal and regional ministries and agencies, managers and specialists of preschool, secondary, vocational secondary, higher, and supplementary education organizations, business representatives, as well as parents and students. More than 1,000 experts and 400 exhibitors are invited to take part in the MIEF, and 60,000 visitors are expected to come.

The list of the MIEF international partners includes DIDACTA (Germany), BETT (UK), and the European Education Fair (France).

Dates: April 18-21, 2018.

Venue: VDNH, Pavilion No.75, Moscow, Russia.

Free entrance.