Ольга Голодец посетила Московский международный салон образования на ВДНХ

19 April 2018

On 19 April Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets attended the Moscow International Education Fair at VDNH. On the second day of the MIEF 2018, there were events on several large discussion platforms: the meeting of the BSEC Working Group on Education, the meeting of senior officials in the sphere of education of the BSEC member states (the International Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), and the Forum for heads of local self-governments who manage education in Russian cities. On that day, over 14,000 people attended the MIEF.

“Today there is a very strong trend towards personalized learning. This changes the role of a teacher. A teacher should “navigate” a child and be able to assess a child’s capabilities very accurately, find what a child is really interested in and help develop in this sphere.

In five years the MIEF has become a very effective mechanism. Large expositions at the MIEF with all the key developments in education make them much closer to schoolchildren and students who really need them,” said Olga Golodets, Chairperson of the Fair’s Organizing Committee and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation .

Members of the BSEC Working Group on Education adopted the draft Declaration of Ministers of Education of the BSEC. The document confirmed that the member states aim for further development and expansion of c, including introduction of individual educational paths, neural networks and artificial intelligence. Besides, the Declaration provides for creating a platform for multilateral cooperation for universities, businesses and governments of the Black Sea region in the context of the Forth Industrial Revolution.

Participants of the Forum for heads of local self-governments who manage education in Russian cities discussed the issues of sociocultural adaptation of child migrants and optimal organization of an inclusive environment in educational institutions. Overall, the Forum was attended by 65 delegations, 100 to 120 persons who are heads in the sphere of education of municipal districts and cities (municipalities) from more than 20 regions of the country.

Besides, as part of the MIEF 2018, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives launched an initiative for implementing the Staff of the Future for Regions project in Russian regions. The initiative is aimed at schoolchildren aged between 14 and 17 who aim at developing their regions, teaching them and providing with coaching, including with the assistance of the mentorship institute. Six subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the pilot project. The Ulyanovsk Region was the first one to join the project. On 19 April the governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov and General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupshevasigned a relevant agreement at the MIEF.

This year seven clusters that cover various levels of the Russian educational system are presented at the MIEF: pre-school education, comprehensive education, secondary professional education, higher education, supplementary education and inclusive education. The key issues in each area are discussed within these clusters. Besides, 16 special projects on individual aspects of the educational ecosystem are presented at the MIEF: “New Approaches to Management in Education”, “Career Guidance. Laboratory of the Future”, “Family Education”, “Open Laboratory for Parents”, etc. Special events for parents, schoolchildren and students are planned as part of the MIEF program for Saturday.

The Russian Textbook Corporation is the MIEF strategic partner.