Родитель XXI века, хороший детский сад и онлайн-проекты в школе – все самое интересные события четвертого дня ММСО-2018

22 April 2018

What is a “good kindergarten”?

A good kindergarten is more than just comfortable furniture and beautiful interior. According to the assistant professor of Moscow City Universiy Olga Shiyan, a good kindergarten is to make a parent like-minded and to understand a child’s value.

Teachers in a good kindergarten understand the importance of cooperation with children and support their creativity, while children communicate with each other and learn how to be a team. According to an expert, among other things, there are games with a complex plot in a good kindergarten which help children master new skills.

Parenthood of the 21st century. What a contemporary parent must know and be able to do in order to help the child.

Parenthood gives choice now: today parents can choose from many styles, such as intensive maternity, the Montessori method of education or alpha parenthood. At the same time, the very institution of family is changing: according to experts of the “Parenthood of the 21st century. What a contemporary parent must know and be able to do in order to help the child” discussion, the value of a child’s personality is becoming obvious and the role of a woman in a family is being reconsidered.

Paternalism in a family is gradually replaced by dialog, parents become experts in bringing up a child and cease to delegate this to educational institutions.

Such children do become astronauts. Significance of education and reading for personal development and development of a schoolchild.

Astronauts’ training program includes 170 subjects, said Sergey Ryazansky, an astronaut and a biologist. Vast knowledge which allows solving the most unexpected problems is the most important thing for an astronaut. For instance, during interviews a person who wants to become an astronaut is asked how many corners a brick has or who painted “Bathing of the Red Horse”.

Sergey Ryazansky recommends that a person should read more to broaden his or her knowledge, and he read 80 books during the 105 days of an isolation experiment.

How to use educational online projects in class

A teacher should be aware of all contemporary trends and have close contact with pupils, he or she should strive to attract attention and arouse children’s curiosity. To achieve this, the editor of 1917 and History map projects Yury Saprykin recommended taking advantage of all opportunities of the Internet which allow packaging the educational content properly and create a “cover” which will be attractive for the youth.

Today a video in which complex things are explained clearly and adequately is used in online educational projects. The video can be seen in class instead of traditional explanation the subject using the blackboard.

Family education: the pros and cons

In 2007 there were a mere about 4,000 homeschoolers in Russia. In 2016 and 2017 this number doubled.
“Family education ceased to be an exotic thing long ago. In the U.S.A. more than two million children are homeschooled, irrespective of social standing of their parents,” said Brian Ray, director of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), U.S.A.
Low quality of education at schools is the main reason for homeschooling. Parents think that at home a child may receive education which will not be worse than that at school, and that at the same time they will be able to take into account numerous approaches to education and their child’s peculiarities. Those who strongly oppose family education are concerned about the overwhelming influence of parents on children when this approach is used.