MIEF-2020 is Switching to Online Format

In 2020, the Moscow International Education Fair will be hosted at previously agreed dates, between 26 and 29 April, in new formats: MIEF Online and MIEF University.

Under the project a new digital communication platform will be involved, which will bring together statesmen, professional, expert and business communities, students, pupils and their parents. Thus, a unique online environment will be created to discuss new educational technologies and intellectual solutions, an outstanding example of which will be MIEF itself.

“In today’s situation of uncertainty one thing that is certain is that we will never go back to our previous life. We need to accept and overcome this. We should build a new world, new economy, new relationships and ourselves. Given the dates, MIEF is in a situation where we have an unprecedented opportunity to summarize the first results of changes, that is, to feel, try to measure and express opinions. Our main focus will be on a new language of online communication that forms while remaining the only possible one the integrity of the whole world making it tight like a corset. We invite experts from all over the world to understand how we have overcome the first stage of our new path in different ways and where we are headed”, tells Maxim Kazarnovsky, the director of Moscow International Education Fair.

By means of online formats, MIEF-2020 will be able to fundamentally expand the audience coverage, increasing the number of unique visitors up to 500,000 persons and to unite Russian-speaking communities of the entire world, for the first time ever on such a scale, around common problems and values. The State represented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Enlightenment of the Russian Federation will receive new tools for communication with professional community and a chance to identify, by offering an affirmative agenda, its position as an intermedium during downturns and global challenges. An important component of MIEF will be focused directly on the interaction between the State and business.

As noted above, MIEF Online is a transition of the forum events and exhibition completely to the online environment. The exhibition will become completely virtual. Thus, all contents will be visualized using information technologies simulating real visits to the exhibition: at the virtual booth of the company any visitor will be able to watch a video presentation of products and services, communicate with representatives of exhibitors online, receive materials and contacts for communication. Educational organizations and businesses will be given additional opportunities for presentation and demonstration of their educational programs, products and services; exchange of experience and more meaningful and deep communication with the guests of MIEF.

More than 250 events will be held at the forum in various formats and up to 1,000 experts and speakers will take part in such forums online. All the halls of the forum will be equipped as TV studios to broadcast live the events nationwide and for the entire Russian-speaking audience globally, with an option to receive comments and questions from the audience. Remote speakers from different regions of the country and international experts will also be connected to events through webinar technologies.

MIEF Regions special project will provide round-the-clock activities of MIEF in all time zones of Russia: representatives of regional Ministries of Education will be given time to present successful cases and practices. Regional universities will be able to present their cases on key topics of Higher education, such as: export of education, the 5-100 project, flagship universities, digital University, industry training.

Vocational guidance related events will also be broadcasted online with the achievement of their key objectives: to show high school students that they can make decisions regarding education independently; to involve young people in information exchange and creation of their own educational content with the help of new standards of vocational guidance and, more broadly, life guidance.

MIEF University is a platform of the best educational programs for the professional community. Such content aggregator of supplementary vocational education will allow teachers and heads from all over the country to build individual tracks to improve pedagogical skills at MIEF based on own needs and shortages.

Preschool, general, secondary vocational and higher education will remain an important part of discussions. Important issues of supplementary education will also be addressed.

As usual, MIEF invites teachers, heads of educational organizations and representatives of educational authorities to make an exciting journey into the world of education which is always more interesting together with professionals of their craft!

An important part of MIEF will be dedicated to the interaction between the State and business.

MIEF team invites the professional community, parents, pupils, students, representatives of education authorities to take part in MIEF in order to jointly develop Russian education in a new environment.

Participants may register at the website of MIEF-2020

Participation in all events is free.

MIEF press service is ready to respond to requests and promptly provide additional information