TOCHKA PSI will share its solutions for formal and home education

TOCHKA PSI the Center for psychological counselling in the sphere of education will share its solutions for formal and home education at the “Interactive Map of Education Industry” virtual exhibition.

The visitors of the virtual exhibition will learn about two focus areas of the partner:

“The Best For School” – innovative solutions for formal education. The exhibition stand of the Center will present such products as “Lesson Constructor”, “Life Journey Workshop”, “Teaching Technologies for Shaping Moral Values”, “Modern school building and campus design”, “Selection and Training Program for Teaching Staff” and others.

“Better Than At School” – training toolkits for homeschooling. The Center customizes its products for home education purposes and for parents, who educate their children themselves.

In addition, at the virtual exhibition TOCHKA PSI will introduce videos, presentations and guidelines that might be useful to teachers, teaching methodology experts, parents, school psychologists and education managers.