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Exhibition-Forum April 3-4, 2024 Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilions 4 and 7 Online on the MMСO.Connect platform
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Learn more about the future of education
Share your experience with your colleagues
Meet the leaders in the field of education
Topics of business program:
  • Forum “Human Potential Development for the Development of the Russian Economy”
  • Exhibition of Educational Technologies, Infrastructure and Intelligent Solutions
  • State policy in the field of education
  • Special topic "Training of personnel for domestic tourism as a driver of the economy"
  • Regional cases
  • Inspiration: The future as hope
Exhibition of Educational Technologies, Infrastructure and Intelligent Solutions

The exhibition space will bring together the most advanced solutions for both educational institutions and individual consumers – teachers, students and their parents.

More than 200 exhibitors will present their new developments: modern educational technologies, infrastructure and intelligent solutions.

and cloud solutions
Interactive equipment
Educational and demonstration equipment
Publishing houses
Join the biggest event in the field of education
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Formats of MMCO.EXPO-2024

The exhibition and business program will be held in online and offline formats. All MMCO participants must pre-register on the site and receive an MMCO.ID that gives you the right to attend all events.

We do not limit our guests to choosing only one format of visiting the Salon. Choose the best option for you in the registration form: offline, online, or combine both formats, without losing the quality of information received and the effectiveness of communication with other participants.

Materials of the forum and exhibition will be available to all registered participants of the Salon for two months on the resources of the official website of the MMCO.


On April 3 and 4, 2024, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds at the following address: Moscow, nab Krasnopresnenskaya, 14, Pavilion 7 (Halls 3, 4, 5, 6), Pavilion 4 (Halls 1, 2 "International Business Companies and China Pavilion") expositions of MMСO partners will be placed. These are equipment and technology suppliers, educational organizations, and large employers.

Events of the business program will be held in the thematic halls of the business program. Visiting the MMСO is possible from 10.00 to 19.00.


The platform MMCO.Connect will host Business Program events and an exhibition, where digital duplicates of the participants' stands will be placed and available for viewing at any time convenient for you. We have created opportunities for effective interaction with representatives of companies: support via chat, the ability to get instant feedback. You can also download the company's handout with more detailed information about their products.

Business program events are also available online from anywhere in the world. Log in to your personal account and create your individual route through the MMСO.

Access for visitors will be open from 10:00 am (Moscow time) on April 4 on the platform MMCO.Connect and will be available around the clock until June 1, 2024.

Business program of the MMCO.EXPO-2024
The key theme of the MMСO.EXPO-2024: "Development of human potential in the interests of the development of the Russian economy." The following issues will be discussed:
Forum "Human Potential Development in the interests of the development of the Russian economy"
How to synchronize the needs of the economy and the educational process and ensure coordination of the actions of different market participants.
Exhibition of Educational Technologies, Infrastructure and Intellectual Solutions
How modern technologies affect the educational results and emotional intelligence of a child, as well as the image of an educational organization.
State policy in the field of education
New: federal state educational standards, the content of school curricula, opportunities for training professional workers, as well as new mechanisms to support education and the formation of value orientations in the educational environment.
Special topic: Training of personnel for domestic tourism as a driver of the economy
Synchronizing the growth rates of the market, the development strategies of the largest players in the industry and the demand for new professions in the context of the existing training system. What changes and solutions need to be initiated.
Regional cases
New approaches to a career in the region. The portfolio of regional projects and their effectiveness. Coordination and interaction at the regional and municipal levels.
Inspiration: The Future as hope
A discussion on how to develop human potential through joint design of a child's personal trajectory – from kindergarten to employment.
MMCO.EXPO – is the largest international event in the field of education in Russia.
Our visitors
Management teams at all levels of education, regional delegations, integrators and distributors, representatives of educational organizations, teachers, students and their parents
Business program
Unites dozens of expert sessions, in which speakers will be professionals in the field of education
See how the MMCO.EXPO – 2023 went
In the margins of the MMCO.EXPO-2023 hosted the forum "Glocalization — a new reality", as well as the exhibitions "Infrastructure and subject-developing environment of kindergarten" and "Educational environment-the key to educational results".
82 Countries
7 600+ Users
160+ Exhibitors
100 000+ Users Online
MMCO.EXPO-2023 was attended by representatives of all branches of education-from preschool teachers to federal managers
Педагог 28,8 %
Представитель или владелец бизнеса 17,1 %
Руководитель учебного заведения 13,9 %
Методист 6,7 %
Другое 12 %
Представитель администрации учебного заведения 11,8 %
Представитель управления системой образования 3,7 %
Родитель 2,4 %
Педагог-психолог 2,1 %
Представитель органов исполнительной власти 1,5 %
As part of the business agenda, the following events were held 125 + sessions
with the participation of 500 speakers of experts in various fields of education
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Where & when?
Exhibition of educational technologies, infrastructure and intelligent solutions from 10.00 to 19.00.
Date: April 3-4, 2024
Address: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 14, Expocentre Fairgrounds
Location: Pavilion No. 7 (halls 3, 4, 5 and 6 “International business companies, China”)
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